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Bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents can wreak havoc on a home in a short amount of time. At the first sign of any of these pests, it is essential to call a professional exterminator.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug 3

One of the hardest pests to find is bedbugs. They are tiny and shy away from light, so it is necessary to do some sleuth work to find them. Look under furniture and mattresses. If there is a musky smell in the air, this is often a telltale sign of their presence. Also, look for tiny bits of reddish-brown dirt that is their fecal matter. Bedbugs feed off of human and pet blood, and they leave tiny red bumps that itch and can become infected.


Cockroaches usually hide in or around drains. They feed off of bacteria and food they find in these places. However, they can also travel to any other parts of the home where exposed food is found. They carry bacteria with them and spread it, and this can make people sick. These pests multiply quickly and can be hard to eradicate.


Rodents such as mice and rats are especially dangerous. The deer mouse's droppings can contain the fatal hantavirus. Rat urine can carry listeria, which is also very dangerous. These pests can hide nearly anywhere in or under homes and are known for chewing into food containers.

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As soon as a pest is spotted, it is important to call the professionals at Absecon Pest Control. We offer a quick analysis to verify an infestation, and we offer treatments that are effective in controlling and removing these pests. Contact us for a free estimate.