Cape May & Atlantic County Ant Extermination

What to Expect After Treatment

Our Cape May County and Atlantic County ant extermination may take up to 14 days – Thousands of ants are living in or around your home; you are only seeing a small percentage of the worker ants of the colony. We have treated your home with a combination of bait, spray, and dust in a way that ants wont detect the treatment. The worker ants need to interact with the treatment and arrive back at the colony alive to affect the rest of the colony. This process works great but takes a little time, be patient.

Don’t spray insecticide or wipe up active ant trails. Ants find their way by leaving a scent trail to food supplies for other ants to follow and find their way home. Insecticide will contaminate the bait, eliminate ants before they make it back with the treatment and interfere with their scent trails; do not spray!

If ants are feeding on bait station don’t disturb them, if they aren’t feeding and you find an active ant trail, place the undisturbed ant bait station in their path. Ants love our bait, but also want the easiest, closest, food source they can find. Feel free to move stations that ants aren’t using near where they are active, this will help affect them quicker.

The bait station contains a small amount of a salt of boric acid, and is less toxic than table salt. Still, because it is mixed in a sugary solution, keep it out of reach of children and pets.

If you still have very active ants after 14 days, call us for a revisit. If you see just a few ants, a large colony may have had some workers in reserve, give the treatment another week before you call.

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