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New Jersey residents throughout the Atlantic and Cape May counties are at risk for dealing with pest infestations in their home, including ants, termites and bed bugs. Fortunately, you can turn to our professional pest control team to help you eliminate these problems quickly and effectively. You can also minimize your risk by learning about the techniques that these pests use to access your home and the damage that they can cause.

Ant Control - Are Ants a Serious Problem?

If you have Carpenter Ants, you will need to get them taken care of right away because they can cause significant damage to the wood in your home. To make matters even worse, they will continuously return to the same structure every year unless you utilize a professional to eradicate the problem. Other types such as Odorous House Ants and Pavement Ants are relatively harmless, but they can get into your food. Ants typically access the inside of a house via cracks or holes within the wood and window seals, so it is important to get these areas patched up right away.

Termite Control - Dealing with Termites

New Jersey is home to the highly destructive Eastern subterranean termite, and they can cause massive damage to the structural wood in your house. These pests can enter the walls of your home through gaps or cracks that are less than 1/16" wide, and they typically build their nests in the ground near a good source of timber. Termites need to be dealt with immediately to help you avoid accruing exorbitant repair expenses.

Bed Bug Control - The Bed Bug Crisis

It has widely been covered by the media that bed bug infestations have reached their highest peak in several decades, and they are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Sadly, you can literally pick up a bed bug infestation by going anywhere, including the movie theater, a hotel or the subway. Bed bugs can cause massive itching, embarrassingly noticeable bites and mental distress. They multiply extremely quickly, so it is absolutely critical to turn to a pest control company at the very first sign of a problem.

If you are dealing with ants, termites, bed bugs or any other pests in your Atlantic or Cape May County home, you can contact RID Pest Control at (888) 449-2183 to receive a free quote for an extermination service.