Bed Bug Extermination in Ocean & Cape May Counties

Bed bugs coevolved with humans since we lived in caves. Largely eliminated after World War II using DDT, this pest is now resistant to DDT and many of the materials we use today. Bed bugs are exploding in numbers worldwide, and because of increased international travel and trade, are continuing to spread. Bed bugs do not carry disease, but many people react to the bite with a blistering, swollen sore. Most people do not react to the first few bites and some people don’t react to the bite at all, giving the bed bugs time to fed and reproduces.

RID treats bed bugs throughout Atlantic City, Wildwood, and the surrounding areas

Before treatment it is important that bed bugs are positively identified, bite marks alone are not enough. If you suspect you have bed bugs try to obtain a sample or call RID Pest Control & we will explain where to look. An early bed bug infestation typically sets up on the cloth stapled to the under side of the box spring or, if you have a wooden bed frame, in the seams or screw holes of the bed frame.

Know when to contact a professional bed bug exterminator

Once you confirm bed bugs, visit our Bed Bug Preparation page to learn how you can prepare for our service. Bed bugs are not a “Do-It-Yourself” pest. Most bed bugs are resistant to all over the counter pesticides and insect “foggers” will spread the problem and make them more difficult to eliminate.

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