Cape May & Atlantic County Bed Bug Preparation

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Preparation for a Cape May County or Atlantic County bed bug treatment is critical to the success of the treatment! Proper preparation depends on you. You are investing substantial time, effort, and funds to RID your home of bedbugs, it is vitally important that you follow these instructions carefully.

How to prepare: Don’t spread the problem! Start working at the infested rooms and work your way outward, carefully inspecting items as you go.

  • Heat eliminates bed bugs! Anything in a bedroom that can be put in a HOT dryer for at least ten minutes should be; this includes all bedding and pillows, curtains, ALL clothing in all drawers and all closets. Take to the dryer in a bag that will be discarded or can be washed. Store all items, after being treated in the dryer, in a new sealed bag (close with a twist tie and duct tape any tears), out of the room to be treated, for as long as possible but at least until the treatment dries. Store out of the home or in the kitchen, bathroom or garage.
  • Pick all items up off the floor, do not put on bed. Any items removed from the room must be inspected very carefully. We need to treat all areas, including the bed, all floors, all furniture.
  • Vacuum the bed and all floor areas thoroughly. Throw the vacuum bag into a trash bag, seal it and put it in the outside trash.
  • Clear the room of clutter and knick-knacks; bag it or throw it away. It may have bed bugs in it so don’t move it to other rooms until sealed in a bag or box. Items that can not be placed in the dryer can be put in a sealed trash bag with a piece of No- pest strip, for one week. No-pest-strips can be purchased from RID or any hardware store. This works for computers, TVs, clock radios, DVD cases etc., and all places bedbugs can hide and lay eggs. Avoid breathing No-pest strip fumes and handle them with gloves.
  • We need to inspect and treat all bed side tables, wall hangings and pictures, and bed frames; keep the tops of bed side tables clear, empty all drawers. Remove all breakable items and store safely.
  • Be prepared to leave. All people and pets must vacate during treatment until treatment dries, usually 2 to 4 hours. Make sure you purchase a mattress encasement for all bed and box springs.

After Cape May & Atlantic County Bed Bug Treatment:

  • You must stay off treated surfaces until dry, usually four hours, longer in humid weather. Keep structure at room temperature (70° F).
  • You must put plastic slip covers over the mattress and box spring, called mattress encasement. Inspect the mattress regularly and don’t use bed skirts. Make your bed and island, the less it touches the harder for bed bugs to get a meal. If you find bugs, pick them off with a tissue and flush them. You will receive a second treatment in two weeks to one month.
  • Seal any cracks in walls, baseboards, door frames, etc. with caulk to reduce hiding places. Keep clutter and stored items to a minimum; better yet keep items bagged until problem has been eliminated.

Bed Bug Facts:

  • Can live over one year without food (blood).
  • Sometimes hide up to 100 feet from their feeding source.
  • Lay 200 to 500 eggs.
  • Resistant too many insecticides.
  • Hatching egg to egg laying adult in 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Feed at night.
  • Usually with-in 15 to 20 feet of bed.
  • Bedbugs bite exposed skin, rarely crawling into clothing.
  • Bedbugs can be picked up traveling, from used furniture, or deliveries.

Bed Bug Preparation Check Sheet:

  • All Clothes, bedding, curtains, throw rugs, stuffed animals etc. put through a hot dryer, placed in clean trash bags and out of the treatment area.
  • All drawers, closest, bedside stands and other storage areas in treatment zone are emptied, vacuumed and ready for treatment.
  • All floors in treatment area picked-up of small items and thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Wall hangings, tabletop pictures and “knick-knacks” removed.
  • Beds are stripped and mattresses encasements purchased to install after treatment dries.
  • All people and animals prepared to leave until treatment is dry, at least 4 hours.

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Spanish Preparations


Como prepararse: No empeore el problema!

  • Todo objeto que se pueda entrar el la secadora (almohadas, sabanas, colchas, cortinas, ropa del armario, ropa de los closets, etc.)por favor poner a calentar en la secadora por lo menos 10 minutos. Las demas cosas que lleve a lavar, coloquelas en una bolsa y coloque las bolsas fuera de los cuartos que han de ser furmigado hasta que el tratamiento se seque. Despues de lavar o secar articulos, no use la misma bolsa para empacar los articulos.
  • Recoja todo del piso, y no coloque nada sobre las camas. Y todo objeto que saque de los cuartos con problemas tienen que ser mirado con detalle para evitar que lleven el problema a otros cuartos. Necesitamos furmigar toda area de los cuartos, incluyendo la cama, los pisos y los muebles.
  • Pasele la aspiradora (vacuum) a las camas, a los pisos y las alfombras y tire la bolsa de la aspiradora a la basura de afuera de immediato
  • Trate de limpiar los cuartos y recojer bien los cuartos. Los muebles y articulos de los cuartos pueden contener chichas y por eso no muevan articulos y muebles a otros cuartos si haberlos mirado. Como indicado anteriormente, todos los articulos de los cuartos deben de ponerse en la secadora y si no caben, entonces ponerlos en una bolsa bien cerrada hasta que se puedan lavar. Para objetos electronicos como la television o radios, por favor colocarlos en una bolsa y coloque un “NO PEST STRIP” en la bolsa y cerrarla bien fuerte. (el “NO PEST STRIP” es un producto que se vende en el mercado on nuestra oficina que se coloca en la bolsa con los articulos del cuarto y elimina las chinchas.)
  • Muebles como mesas de noche, fotos, retratos, y todas partes de la cama tienen que ser inspectadas y furmigadas, asi que no coloque nada sobre estos muebles.
  • Este preparado y haga planes para salir y mantenerse fuera del hogar por un periodo de 2 a 4 horas. Es recomendado que compre un cubre-cama de plastico que cubra la cama completamente.

Despues del tratamiento:

  • Tiene que mantenerse lejos del area que se furmigo hasta que el tratamiento se seque. Esto puede cojer horas para secarse, dependiendo del clima.
  • Tienen que comprar y cubrir las camas con el cubre-cama plastico y estos los venden en el mercado. Regularmente observe las camas y cuartos, y si ve chichas, con una tualla de papel, recoja las que vea y tirela en el toilet y bajenla.
  • Es recomendado tambien que usted observe sus cuartos y tape todo roto en la pared o pequeño roto alrededor del cuarto adonde las chichas pudieran esconderse. Siempre mantenga los cuartos bien recojidos y limpios, y si puede, todo articulo que halla puesto en bolsas, mantegangalo en las bolsas si es possible hasta que se elimine las chinchas.

Detalles Sobre Las Chinchas

  • Pueden sobrevivir un año sin alimento (sangre)
  • Se esconden dentro de 15 a 20 pies de la camas. En ocasiones, se esconden hasta 100 pies de su alimento
  • Producen de 200 a 500 huevos (otras chinchas)
  • Muchos productos de furmigar no le tienen efecto
  • El tiempo de huevo a una chincha adulta es de 4 a 5 semanas
  • Ataquan y comen de noche