Beware of Bed Bugs When You Travel

If you travel, you will eventually encounter bed bugs, the trick is to NOT bring them home to Atlantic and Cape May counties.

When You Travel

  • Bring a small flashlight (good to have when you travel) and inspect a hotel/motel, rental unit carefully before you unpack. Check the corners of the mattress under the fitted sheet, looking for black spotting.
  • Check the floor between the mattress and wall for “castings” or the “shells” of bed bugs.
  • If there are two of you, you may want to lift the wall-attached headboard off the wall and carefully inspect cracks and screw holes on the back side, this is a very common area to find bed bugs hiding in a hotel.
  • Keep you luggage and clothes off the bed or floor, use the luggage rack or dresser.
  • If you find any of the above, ask for a new room. If that’s not possible, ask what they have done to control bed bugs, and carefully follow the “what to do when you return home” instructions.

When You Arrive Home

  • Empty your suitcase’s contents into the dryer. A dryer, even on low heat, for ten minutes will kill bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Inspect anything you cannot put in the dryer very carefully. A newly hatch bed bug is smaller then the period at the end of this sentence.
  • Put all luggage in a large trash bags, seal and store. If you plan to use the suitcase soon, spray it lightly with rubbing alcohol or a spray made for this purpose. If you have a hot attic, store your luggage there for extra protection. Keep it out of sleeping areas.
  • Most people do not react to their first bed bug bite, you may then develop a large welt or no mark at all, each person is different. If you start developing bite marks, especially in areas of your body that are exposed when you sleep, call for an inspection.

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