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Common Pests That Invade Commercial Buildings

AntsPests are a ubiquitous threat. When they invade commercial buildings, they bring a slew of problems with them, including deadly diseases. If you want to protect your business and your reputation, it may be in your best interest to get a personalized solution from a professional pest management company.

Like a band of criminals, some pests will find a way to cause problems even with deterrents in place:


Due to their size, carpenter ants can't be overlooked, and they shouldn't be underestimated. These large ants are black, brazen and social. What makes them such a threat? One mature colony can contain approximately 3,000 members. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don't eat wood. They simply excavate moist and decaying wood to create passageways and galleries. Within months, their big mandibles can cause a significant amount of structural damage. These large ants are often a symptom of a moisture issue.

If you spot any ant species in your place of business, don't waste your time and money by using a generic pesticide. You'll only see results if no infestation is present. The solution to your ant problem is to bring in a professional pest exterminator. The building needs to be thoroughly inspected and treated.


Out of all the species, the German roach is perhaps the most troublesome. Although it's smaller than other species, it reproduces rapidly causing their numbers to explode. If German cockroaches are left alone, your reputation will suffer just as much as your clean indoor environment will. Roaches in general have a nasty tendency to spread filth and bacteria wherever they live and travel. Since these critters have the ability to withstand many pesticides, you won't eliminate their presence with do-it-yourself methods and could spread the problem, making it harder to eliminate.

You should reach out to a seasoned pest exterminator. He or she will be better equipped to handle the exterminating process. Yes, roaches are experts at finding hard-to-reach hideouts, but they can't elude RID Pest Control because this company uses integrated treatment tactics. The goal is to rid your business of roaches as soon as possible.

Mice and Rats

When you develop a problem with mice, you'll notice signs right away, rats however, can often hide their presence until the population grows. These rodents are smelly and destructive. Mice urinate and defecate everywhere they travel. Without any hesitation, they will infest throughout your business to fulfill their wants and needs. Like all the other pests, they must find a regular supply of food and water in order to survive. If they enter your pantry or kitchen area, everyone's health will be in jeopardy because rats and mice are vectors of multiple diseases, including the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

The good news is that these rodents can be eradicated with a thorough treatment plan. For your convenience and your peace of mind, the exterminators at RID Pest Control will come to the rescue and implement a long-term solution.

Seasonal Invaders

In South Jersey many insects look to spend their winters indoors, typically moving in during the cool nights of September and October. Lady bugs, stinks bugs, wasps, silverfish, and cluster flies are all fall invaders. To control them, look to the sunny side of your building or where lights are on during the evening. Are there openings in these areas. Look up 8’ to 18’ feet, if you see a dark space, this is what attracts insect. Sealing these areas is the best prevention, but a professional treatment in late August, early September can often stop these insects before they enter. If you have a history of seeing these insects on a warm winter day, or in the spring be proactive and call RID Pest Control before they get in.

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