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Dirty Laundry Attracts Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a notoriously difficult pest to get rid of. These blood-sucking parasites are attracted to the scent of humans, and they generally survive by burrowing down into the fibers of bedding and other furniture. There, they wait for a human host whose blood they can drink.

Bed bugs most frequently arrive in a home through infested furniture or on the bodies of travelers. However, research has shown that bed bugs will also specifically seek out items that smell like humans and burrow into them until a host arrives. Dirty laundry is especially attractive to these parasites.Bed Bugs

Interestingly, clean laundry is not as hospitable for the bugs. This means that an important step to preventing a bed bug infestation is to control how and where dirty laundry is stored. Exposing your dirty clothes to bedding, especially while traveling, is an open invitation to bed bugs. Similarly, piles of dirty laundry at home can provide a safe hiding place for the bugs while you try to eradicate them from the bed.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

For years, bed bugs were relatively uncommon in the country. However, in the past decade, they've become almost an epidemic in some places thanks to an influx of foreign travelers and infestations in hotels and other public places. Because these bugs are especially hardy, eradicating them can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home:

  • Pay attention to the hotels where you're staying. Be wary of any areas that have had reports of bed bug infestations in the past.
  • Avoid allowing your dirty laundry to come into contact with bedding and furniture where bed bugs may be staying.
  • Do not bring used bedding, especially old mattresses, into the home. Purchase all of your bedding new or follow the appropriate precautions when treating old bedding.
  • If you do find bed bugs in your home, call a professional. DIY home solutions are usually not effective enough to fully eliminate an infestation.

If you're worried about bed bugs in your home or business, Rid Pest Control can help. Contact us today for more information about our bed bug removal services.

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