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How Do Pests Get in Your Home?

Ridding yourself of a pest infestation can be one of the more frustrating tasks you go through as a homeowner. They find any way inside possible and wreak havoc once indoors. Of course, the questions we all ask eventually comes up: “Where do all these pests come from?”. Luckily, we have an answer for you. Here are the top five ways pests find a way into your home and living space.


Just like us humans, pests come inside via doors as well. However, their method is a little more discrete. Bugs and critters can typically fit through the cracks under and around doors. The crumbs and dirt that accumulate at the bottom of door frames attract pests as well. To prevent this, clean your doorways thoroughly and invest in a door sweep to limit how many critters get through.


Windows are another main entrance for pests into your home, especially during the warmer months. Any kind of hole in your window screen will be big enough for pests to slip through. Even with the windows completely shut, unsealed openings around a window frame can still provide a gateway for the pests. Screen repairs or caulking openings can help prevent infestation.

Dryer Vents and Exhaust Fans

These two areas check off a number of things on the list of desires for pests. They are warm, damp and dark. Larger rodents such as mice and rats can also make their way into these areas since they are larger than a small crack or crevice. Checking in on and cleaning your vents and fans will deter pests from moving there.

Home Foundation

The foundation and outside parts of your home will almost always turn up pests of some sort. Natural wear and tear on your house eventually takes a toll on the exterior, clearing tiny entrance ways for pests and critters. Doing an outside sweep of the home and seeking out any current or potential openings is a great way to stay in front of a possible infestation.

Watch Yourself

One of the most overlooked entrances for pests into your home is simply the things you bring inside the home. Dirt and residue from shoes can serve as an attraction for pests, and sometimes even a ride in. Interior plants and other vegetation will also bring in bugs. We’re not saying your home needs to be plant free. Just take precautions when bringing plants in and check around them consistently for pests.

Having a Pest Problem?

If you are experiencing a pest infestation or fear one upcoming, don’t fret! Contact RID Pest Control today to talk with a team of professionals that care about keeping your home pest-free.

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