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How Does Pest Activity Change In The Winter?

The cold weather in the winter tends to make some pests hibernate until warm weather arrives once again. However, there are a few pests that sometimes begin to invade your home to find refuge from the cold weather. Ladybugs and stink bugs try to find a warm shelter as well as a source of water and food. You'll often see these pests crawling on the windows of the house and on the sides of the house as they lounge in the sun during the day before finding a place to rest at night.Stink Bug

Keep Your Home Warm and Worry Free

Many insects are cold-blooded. This means that they have to find a secure place to stay in the winter so that they will be able to survive until it's warm enough again for them to be out in the open. Some pests will find a log to hide in while others will make a home in a tree. There are pests that will find refuge under the ground for protection and to stay warm. Bees and wasps usually make a home inside a tree. They usually stay dormant until warm weather returns. Spiders don't usually go away like other pests do in the winter. They will find a home inside your house or make a home inside cracks and crevices so that they have easy access to the outdoor world to get food when it's needed.

There is a chemical inside most pests that won't allow them to function normally if the temperature drops to a certain degree. Some pests can use this chemical to control their body temperature in the winter, keeping the need to hibernate at bay. Ice crystals sometimes form inside the body of the insect, but these pests can control where the crystals develop. If there are warm spells in the winter, some pests will begin to come out of their hiding places, thinking that it's spring again. If they don't go back to their homes when the weather gets cold again, then they could die. Cold weather often stops swarms of insects, but there are some, such as ants, that will migrate indoors in large numbers.

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