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How Insects Can Go from Surviving to Thriving

Insects are a lot like humans in the fact that they are in need of food and shelter in order to survive. The majority of their lives are spent searching for these things, and once they find them they stay put! What does it take for these pests to not only survive but thrive? Keep reading to find out.

Food Sources

In order for any species of insects to survive, they need to find a source of food. This is their driving force, looking for the next source of food at all times. If they are able to find a consistent food source, then they will be able to build a home-centered around that source. Cockroaches, for example, will eat almost anything. They move into a home and begin eating everything in sight, all the while making a nest for themselves within your home.


Another factor that insects need in order to survive is to have a place of shelter. Typically, insects like to find quiet, dark, but warm places that are protected from the elements. All types of insects are looking for places to keep warm and dry in or around your home, and they can do so if they can keep undetected. Once they have established a spot, they will begin to build their nest. They then can begin to thrive in this environment, and may even begin to build a colony.


Insects will adapt to their environment in order to enhance their chances of survival. To thrive, they can even adapt their exoskeletal shell. Some will use camouflage to blend in with their surroundings and avoid being detected. Those with wings are prepared to take flight and leave if necessary, while others have strong legs that will allow them to hop away to safety. Ants, for example, will adapt to their environment by creating new colonies, work together, and constantly communicate with each other. Honeybees will camouflage themselves as they pollinate by adjusting their color to match the flower that they are pollinating. 

If you find that there are pests that are thriving in or around your home, then it’s time to call for assistance. Contact RID Pest Control today!

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