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Pests That Like to Hide in Your Lawn’s Pile of Leaves

Many people worry about pests being inside their homes. However, we often don’t think about the pests that are right outside our doors. When autumn comes around, the foliage is beautiful. But with that, there also comes large piles of leaves on your front lawn which are a perfect place for unwanted guests to hide. Here are four pests that like to hide in your lawn’s pile of leaves.


This reddish brown insect has a long, flat body and is about an inch long. It can easily be recognized by its pincers located at the tip of its abdomen. And they like to hide out in damp areas; like your lawn debris!

Earwigs are not dangerous, but if agitated, they may pinch. And although they are not venomous insects, they tend to live together in large numbers; which isn’t good news if they are congregating right outside your home.

When temperatures start to drop, earwigs typically burrow deep into the ground. However, if near a home, there is a chance they may move from a leaf pile to the comfort of your home.


Spiders can be found just about everywhere; in the trees, in your home and yes, even in a mound of leaves. Where there are other insects hiding, you will find spiders that want to feed on them.

There are over 3,000 species of spiders in North America. These eight-legged arachnids can be useful when trying to keep other insects away. Not all spiders are friendly, though. Take the black widow spider, for instance. This spider’s bite is extremely venomous, painful and can even turn deadly.


Mice and other rodents are creatures you never want to let into your home. They can carry diseases, get into and contaminate food, cause allergies to flare up and even bring other pests like ticks into your home.

Mice, are social animals and can often be found living in large groups. They prefer to build their nesting sites in dark, quiet areas. And potential places for them to build their nests are leaf piles in the fall. As temperatures begin to drop in the fall and winter, moving from your yard to your home is also a possibility.


Snakes like to stay out of the sun to keep from getting overheated. And damp places where they can stay camouflaged are ideal places for them to spend their time. So a great place for them to relax is under leaves. Some snakes, like the Garter snake, are not poisonous. However, others, like the Copperhead snake, are.

Even in this season, there are pests to be weary of. But autumn can still be a fun-filled season full of things like apple picking and walks in the park. Just be careful when tending to your lawn and contact RID Pest Control if you have any questions. Make sure you are keeping your lawn free of debris and disposing of excess foliage.

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