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Rid Your Home of Mice in Your Walls

Few experiences are as unnerving as hearing scurrying and scratching within your walls after everyone has turned in for the night. Their sickening sounds are enough to make your skin crawl. All you can think about is getting these tiny invaders out NOW.

It is essential to keep your wits about you during these times. Equip yourself with proven methods for ridding your home of mice inside your walls.

Look for Clues

It is vital to identify your unseen enemies through an assessment of clues:

  • Chewed or frayed cardboard boxes, wooden items, or plastic bags. Mice love to make nests, so shredded materials are a definite sign.
  • Oily stains along the walls. Oily stains indicate the “runs” of mice. Follow these trails to see if you can spot any entry points to the interiors of your walls.
  • Droppings along “runs” and around food sources. Even though the evidence is revolting, droppings provide plenty of information about the rodents. Pay attention.

Devise a Plan

Once the culprits have been identified, take action with these effective steps:

  • Old-fashioned Snap traps. These traditional weapons are used to eliminate your trespassers decisively.
  • Live traps and glue traps. For those individuals who prefer a more humane approach, other traps are available. If you choose to catch instead of kill, release the mice far away from your home in a remote field or wooded area.
  • Trap-in-a-Box: Drill a small hole in the wall a few inches above the ground. Next, drill a hole in a sturdy cardboard box and align the holes together. Bait the box and cover the top with clear plastic wrap. This method lures the mice directly into the trap. Repeat the technique until all signs of scratching and shredding have been eliminated.

Secure Your Home

Once you rid your home of your current infestation, be proactive against mice reentering your home. This process involves doing a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation and any small gaps or cracks in the roof, pipes, and ducts. All openings must be thoroughly sealed.

Finish your inspection on the inside of your home. Look for any openings that serve as entry points for mice. Also, move all food into airtight containers, such as glass or stainless steel. Keep countertops, sinks, and floors free from temptations.

When mice are running in your walls, you have no time to lose. Turn to the professional service that meets your complex needs with ease. RID Pest Services is a premium, full-service company serving Atlantic, Cape May, and Southern Ocean Counties for over twenty-six years. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our trained staff is capable of applying our latest methods of rodent elimination. Contact us today to devise a plan that is right for you.

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