Since we serve customers in Atlantic County and Cape May County, Rid Pest Control is familiar with every homeowner’s least favorite pest: roaches. No one wants to realize they have these pests in their home, and everyone in our service area does all they can to prevent their houses from becoming welcoming to roaches. It’s an unfortunate consequence that our humid climate and dense vegetation make this a battle that some of our customers lose. To help our customers prevent an initial infestation, or a recurrence after service, let’s look at a few of the common myths that surround roaches, and how they can be impacting your prevention methods for the worse.

Common Roach Myths

  1. Roaches only infest ‘dirty’ homes.
  2. Roaches are an unavoidable part of our environment.
  3. Everyone has roaches, sometimes.
  4. Roaches can’t cause structural damage to homes.

How They Lead to False Security in Homes and Business

  1. Roaches don’t just infest ‘dirty’ homes. In the United States, while we mainly have a top few species of roaches, there are over four thousand types of roaches in the . Roaches are supremely adaptable and are attracted to vegetation, paper and any number of non-food related items. So, avoiding a mess won’t help you avoid cockroaches completely.
  2. This is partly true. However, with a proper pest-control maintenance plan, roaches don’t have to be part of your environment. Homes and businesses that receive scheduled preventative pest control have a much lower chance of facing an infestation.
  3. Again, it’s not true. If a roach is coming into your home, it’s because of two factors: you have an access point, and there is something within your home that is attractive to them. It could be food or water, but either of these are controllable factors that can be changed.
  4. Roaches can cause structural damage to homes. Not only do they carry the potential to contaminate surfaces within your home with disease and trigger allergies, but some cockroaches will survive from consuming cabinetry, the plastic coating on your internal wiring or the paper backing on your drywall. Some homeowners might think their property is relatively safe even in the presence of roaches and not seek immediate treatment. However, it’s not a safe bet.

Few insects are as misunderstood as roaches, which can lead our clients to be unsure about how to treat them. Our professional, fully trained pest control technicians can help you discern the species of roach you have in your home, and help you eliminate the infestation completely, helping you and your family avoid long-term negative effects from these pests. One roach can quickly turn into hundreds, so if you see any in your home, contact Rid Pest Control right away for service.