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The Health Effects of Cockroaches

Here in the United States, the most common type of household cockroach is the german cockroach. When you mention cockroaches, many people have a strong negative reaction. And why wouldn’t they? Roaches have a reputation for surviving harsh conditions for centuries and spreading disease.

In fact, their presence in your home may be causing you considerable alarm. If you’re concerned about roaches, then read on. You’ll discover the health effects of cockroaches in your environment, and why you might want to take action.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

First of all, why are roaches entering your home? Like most insects, they are attracted to food. Leaving spilled food on the countertops and floors or dirty dishes in the sink is guaranteed to put out the welcome mat for hungry cockroaches.

Water is another attractant. Leaky pipes under sinks or other moisture-prone areas of your home are especially appealing. And of course, roaches prefer comfortable shelter, such as your home.

Once inside your home, cockroaches tend to live behind refrigerators, stoves or other appliances, as well as in cupboards and under sinks. They prefer the dark, so seeing one during the day is not common unless you have a heavy infestation.

Health Effects

Cockroaches can cause significant health concerns. They leave feces and partially regurgitated food on surfaces in your home. This can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family as you unknowingly come into contact with these droppings.

Cockroaches can passively transport pathogens that are potentially dangerous to humans. These include Salmonella, E. coli and six different types of parasitic worms. Indeed, cockroaches have been suspected of spreading 33 different types of bacteria. Both Salmonella and E. coli are common causes of food poisoning, but more serious medical problems can arise, causing hospitalization.

Additionally, many individuals with asthma are sensitive to cockroach allergens. Cockroach allergies can even trigger an asthma attack. Those who suffer from asthma know how frightening and debilitating this can be. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

What to Do

As you can tell, living with cockroaches in your home can have potentially dangerous consequences. At RID Pest Control, we can help you have a healthy, roach free home.

We’ll provide you with a free German cockroach extermination quote and answer your questions about our services. Please contact us at RID Pest Control today. Our professional staff will respond quickly and assist you with all your pest control needs.

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