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Three Spots Where Rodents Hide in Your Home

The sight of a mouse in the house will lead most people to distraction. Just a glimpse of a rat inside can be downright terrifying. However, your first rodent sighting is not usually the first time the rodent has made itself comfortable on your property. In fact, most people do not see rodents until there is an infestation underway. That is why it is critical to stop rodents before they get to that point. The best way to do that is to educate yourself about where these unseemly critters like to live.

To safeguard your home against these unwanted visitors, consider the three most common spots where rodents hide.

1. Pipes and drains. It is probably no surprise to most people that rodents thrive in small, dank areas like pipes and drains. These locations are not just dark and wet, but they are also easy to access. In fact, they may be the avenues by which most rodents get into your home. This problem is compounded by the fact that rats and other rodents are actually quite good at swimming, which means water in the sewers and pipes is not a deterrent for these resilient pests.

2. Attics. With tough feet and claws, rodents are generally excellent climbers. This means they can scale the exterior of your home with ease, and their sharp teeth can gnaw through the insulation to squeeze through most gaps. Because most people do not use their attics often, rodents can start quite the life without being noticed. However, depending on the location of your attic, you may hear them scratching overhead, which is a surefire sign that you need to call for pest control.

3. Walls. We generally think of our walls as impenetrable, but there are many places where small rodents can squeeze through. While some rodents may try to get farther into your home, others may simply camp out in the relative shelter of the walls themselves. Walls have enough space for insulation, pipes, and wires, which means there is plenty of room for rodents to live.

These three hiding spots are difficult to check if you have little experience with pests. That is why you should have your home inspected by a professional. If you are worried about rodents in your home, contact RID Pest Control today. No matter where your pests may be hiding, we can get rid of them with ease.

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