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Tick Season: When is the Prime Time to Expect Tick Bites?

There are many aspects about nature to enjoy whether you are on a hike, camping, horseback riding or reading a book in a hammock. In contrast, there are also things that you will not enjoy while in nature, one of those things being ticks.

What Harm Can They Cause?

These nasty little creatures can infect humans with various diseases. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention said the following about ticks, “Infections from tickborne diseases are on the rise, and new tickborne diseases have been discovered in recent years. Some ticks can transmit multiple diseases, posing diagnostic and treatment challenges.” Another common form of disease you can get through ticks is Lyme's Disease.

When Are Tick Bites Most Prevalent?

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website, there are nine types of ticks that are most likely to bite you. Although the time of year when getting bitten is the highest varies on the kind of tick, you should always take the most precautions in the spring and summer months.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

Of course, the smartest thing to do when you know you are going to be outside for long periods of time, is to take measures to prevent you or your pets from being bitten by ticks. Even if you take all of the recommended precautions to prevent tick bites, if your property is overrun by ticks, you may need professional assistance.

Who Can Help?

RID Pest Control has a treatment especially devoted to controlling ticks around your property. Because they have the knowledge about ticks and their life cycle, they have developed a chemical to eradicate ticks during their most vulnerable periods. They say the most effective times to have this treatment done are in May, June and September. Even with these treatments are used when the ticks are at their most vulnerable, RID does not guarantee that they will completely rid your property of ticks. However, even if that is the case, it is well worth your money. Protecting yourself, family and pets is RID Pest Control’s main objective. Contact RID Pest Control today to schedule an appointment. Tick bites are not fun to have and can lead to serious diseases, so do not wait any longer and get the protection you deserve.

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