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Why Rat Traps are Insufficient for Removing Rodents

When it comes to pests in the home, one of the worst has to be rats. While cockroaches, ants, and other critters can definitely put you on edge, having a rat infestation can both be unsettling and damaging to your home and its contents.

If you notice rats crawling around your house, your first instinct may be to set out traps. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s rarely going to solve your problem. Unfortunately, vermin are highly resourceful, and rat traps are almost never going to remove the infestation.

Here’s why.

They’re Too Small

Imagine a rat right now. How big is it? Smaller than your palm? If so, then you’re picturing a mouse. Rats are rather massive creatures (comparatively speaking), which means that mouse traps are not going to be big enough for them. In the end, rats can get out of smaller traps, making them futile.

Rats are Too Clever

Although they are pretty unnerving, the fact is that rats are quite intelligent beings. Why do you think that scientists always use them in their experiments? Because of this, however, rats can quickly learn to avoid traps, or they can take the bait without setting them off. Thus, in many cases, your infestation will continue to spread while traps sit, unused.

Setting Bait is Harder Than it Looks

According to cartoons and pop culture, the best bait for trapping a rat is cheese, right? It’s even better if it’s Swiss since that looks cooler on screen. In reality, though, rats of different breeds have diverse diets, which means that cheese may or may not be on the menu.

Black rats, for example, feed exclusively on plants, so that Swiss isn’t going to look tasty at all. Even worse, the food may attract other pests, like roaches or ants.

There are a Lot of Them

If you’ve started to see or hear rats in your home, then chances are that your problem is worse than you realize. Since rats are usually quite careful about avoiding contact with humans, the fact that they’re getting sloppy means that there are a lot of them.

As you can imagine, setting traps is a horribly inefficient way of cutting down their numbers. Say that you kill five rats per week. Considering that a colony can reproduce by the hundreds, that’s not a lot. Overall, you’d have to be massacring rats at a rapid pace to keep up, and do you want to deal with all of those dead vermin?

Contact Rid Pest Control Today

While it’s tempting to think you can minimize the problem on your own, rats are almost always too much to handle. Instead of wasting time, money, and energy on traps, call us instead. We can identify where the colony is and make sure that they won’t be causing you and your family any more problems.

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