Brigantine, NJ Pest Control

Brigantine is a scenic island located to the east of New Jersey. It features a major beach that attracts visitors from all over the world for kayaking, boating, fishing and more. This is an area that is known for its hot, humid summers. While this is great for outdoor activities, it also tends to attract a variety of pests into the region. Businesses and homes can become infested by pests that thrive in this type of climate. Our pest control services are available for anyone in Brigantine who needs fast pest removal for a residential or commercial property. 

Residential Pest Control

Pest control is a critical part of the health and well-being of family members. We use the most advanced techniques and tools for ecological pest control. Protecting the perimeter of your home from a pest infestation is a top priority. We accurately identify pests and develop the most effective removal plan. This can include either chemical or non-chemical methods. Each case is unique, and we always consult homeowners closely to respect your needs. Our service professionals are trained to treat your home as an extension of our community.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses require discreet solutions for any pest infestation. The best way to deal with a pest problem is to get it solved before anyone notices. The reputation of the company is often at stake, and this can have a significant impact on small community businesses. We offer effective solutions tailored to the needs of the business, and this includes our flexible scheduling. We provide rapid detection in case you are suspecting an infestation and simply need confirmation. Every member of our team is dedicated to prioritizing your needs so that your business’s operations can continue uninterrupted. Our company provides Integrated Pest Management protocols, which are know to be effective and affordable over the long term.

Ant Control

Our company specializes in ant control in Brigantine, NJ. There are many types of ants that infest both commercial properties and residential areas in this town. We have the capacity to identify each type of ant and exterminate the colony. This process will secure the premises and avoid future infestations. Correct identification is a key to understanding how to get rid of the ant problem for good. Contact our team at the first sighting of an ant infestation because early detection guarantees the best results.

We also offer detection and removal services for many other pests that infest the town of Brigantine:

About RID Pest Control

Our company has been servicing the areas around Brigantine since 1979. As a locally based, family run company, we regard our services as a critical part of the community at large. By serving the residents and business owners of Brigantine, we strive to improve the daily conditions within our own community. We hire experienced and skillful professionals to perform the work using the most advanced techniques and products available today. We make sure that our team gets continuing education in order to maintain the best practices within this industry. Our IPM approach is designed to minimize the toxicity of pest removal while maintaining the highest standards. To schedule a consultation, contact us for an immediate response.