Burlington County Exterminators

Whether taking in the views at Apple Pie Hill, fishing at Amico Island State Park or sipping wine at local vineyards, locals can appreciate the good life in Burlington County. Located in the Delaware Valley, this New Jersey county enjoys plenty of sunshine -- and abundant rainfall. Humidity, hot summers and all that rain spell trouble for residents and business owners. The county's climate drives pests indoors, creating a variety of problems and hazards.

Residential Pest Control

Your home is your castle -- and it's vulnerable to attacks from tiny invaders. Odorous ants are nuisances in the kitchen, and carpenter ants threaten to damage your home's structural integrity. Fleas and ticks aren't just annoyances; they spread disease and endanger your family and pets. Rodents do more than give you the heebie-jeebies. Their urine transmits potentially dangerous pathogens, and their tendency to gnaw on everything in sight can result in fires from damaged electrical wiring. Preventive measures and professional pest control services protect your home from the discomfort and danger bugs and rodents bring.

Commercial Pest Control

From mouse sightings scaring off retail customers to cockroaches contaminating a restaurant's food supplies, pests create chaos at all types of businesses. Protect customers, employees, your public image and your budget from these multi-legged threats. Viking pest control provides inspections, education and safe yet powerful treatments to business owners in and near Burlington County, NJ. Contact us to see how we can safeguard your investment and your hard-earned good name.

Termite Control

From the shelves that hold your books to the mortar in your house's foundation, termites escape notice while destroying the materials that make up your home. While discarded wings, rustling sounds behind your walls, and even swarms on your lawn are signs of an infestation, termites are able to quickly wreak destruction because they leave behind few clues to their existence. RID has provided safe, effective termite control for almost forty years. Contact us for help preventing termites or getting rid of an infestation.

Mosquito and Tick Control

Anyone whose backyard barbecue has been crashed by mosquitoes can testify to the nuance of mosquitos. Unless you place fans nearby, these disease carriers will make a meal of you and your guests. Fans disperse carbon dioxide, making it hard for mosquitoes to find victims. These weak fliers also find it difficult to fight the wind current from a fan.

Ticks, on the other hand, fly under the radar. Victims rarely notice that a tick has hitched a ride on their clothing or even beneath the hair on their heads until it's begun feasting on their blood. Wear a hat and long clothing when possible to avoid picking up ticks; white socks and clothes make detection easier.

While removing standing water sources and placing natural barriers between your lawn and the woods can reduce the odds of attracting these bloodsuckers, you'll need professional tick and mosquito control services to eliminate an infestation.

Preventive Measures

While avoiding pests altogether can be challenging, these tips can help:

  • Tightly seal food containers kept outside the fridge
  • Clean up kitchen messes right away
  • Sweep or vacuum often
  • Store trash away from the house in a tightly closed container
  • Seal cracks, gaps and holes around exterior walls
  • Place mesh screens on vents and other openings
  • Trim branches and vegetation away from the house
  • Don't store cardboard boxes indoors

Different types of pests are attracted by various factors, but these precautions will help make your home or business less attractive to many invaders.

If pests do make their way inside, contact Viking Pest Control for the following services:

Viking provides effective pest control to residential and commercial customers in Burlington County, NJ. Our dependable, experienced techs help make area homes and businesses safe and comfortable with termite control and other services. Call or contact us online today for more information or a free quote.