Salem County Exterminators

From historic sites to wineries, there's no shortage of entertainment options in Salem County, New Jersey. Whether you appreciate the area's Revolutionary War connections or admire our abundant wildlife, there's plenty to love about this county on the Delaware River. Unfortunately, people aren't Salem County's only fans; pests flock to area homes and businesses to escape the rain and humidity.

Residential Pest Control

Salem County homes are at risk for a wide variety of infestations. From carpenter ants to mice, pests pose wide-ranging threats to your household and finances. Whether you're worried about a family member's allergy to stinging insects or dangerous spiders crawling under the bed sheets, protect your loved ones with a combination of preventive measures and the professional pest control Salem County depends on at home and work.

Commercial Pest Control

Keep your business safe from infestations by bugs, spiders and rodents. Your bottom line, reputation, and even your physical assets are at risk. Whether Indianmeal moths infest stored grains, rats threaten to scare off customers, bed bugs hitch a ride in guests' luggage, or cockroaches contaminate your edible inventory, pest control services are a must.

Termite Treatment in Cape May

Termites are a homeowner's worst nightmare. It's easy to see why; these pests cause billions of dollars' worth of damage annually in the United States. The insects are able to inflict so much harm because they often go undetected while destroying wood and other materials. While you may find discarded wings or spot a swarm on your property, you're likely to have no idea an infestation has occurred. Avoiding excess moisture and sealing gaps around your home's exterior can help prevent infestations. If you suspect termites have invaded your house, call Viking Pest Control for the termite treatment Salem County homeowners need to protect their investment.

Mosquito and Tick Control

Mosquitoes have a knack for ruining outdoor fun. These disease-spreaders even put your family and friends at risk in your own backyard. And ticks are no better. The bloodsuckers transmit Lyme disease and other pathogens after hitching a ride on pets and people. Planting basil and certain other plants helps deter mosquitoes, and eliminating sources of standing water makes your yard less attractive to them. Ticks are harder to prevent, but examining family members and pets after spending time outdoors helps keep everyone safe. An infestation by either of these pests requires professional pest control services.

We offer these services to safeguard your property:

Preventive Measures

Protect your home and business from bugs, spiders and rodents with a combination of preventive measures and professional treatments. If pests of any kind have invaded your property, call for help right away. Viking Pest Control provides the safe, effective pest control Salem County residents need at home or work. Call us today, or request a quote online.