Pest Control in Cape May, NJ

Termites 8Cape May – a seaside resort with numerous shops, history museums and various restaurants overlooking the water. Those who live and work here can participate in many citywide activities or sit back and enjoy time at home with friends and family. When pests invade your space, they can ruin your fun and cause nightmares in your home or business. RID Pest Control can make your pest problems go away without any effort on your part.

Residential Pest Service

Pest insects and rodents have no preference when it comes to residential homes. Whether it's clean or dirty, they'll invade your house no matter what and search for food and water. Silverfish come through gaps around the plumbing in the bathroom, and cockroaches scurry through any available crack around your home. If you're dealing with rodents, spiders or other pests, we can help. Our technicians can quickly eliminate an infestation and block pest entryways to prevent another infestation later.

Commercial Pest Service

Customers don't want to see pest insects while they're eating at your restaurant or sleeping at your hotel. No matter how well you maintain your business, pests can easily find ways inside through random cracks and crevices around doors, windows, and the foundation. Our certified technicians can complete a thorough inspection in and around your business. We'll eliminate pest insects and rodents and work with you to create a custom pest control program to ensure that no future infestation occurs.

Termite Control Service

Termites feed on wood structures, which puts any historical landmark in Cape May at risk. These damaging insects gather together in great colonies and attack wooden structures and objects such as fences and furniture, using them as food sources as they destroy valuable property. Termite infestations can cost you thousands of dollars per year if you fail to stop the colony in time. Our trained technicians know where to inspect for termites, how to eliminate them with effective treatments and which techniques prevent them from returning to your property.

Bed Bug Elimination

Bed bugs infest both homes and businesses and quickly take over interior spaces as they breed. Whether it's a hotel, a school or a house, these bloodsucking insects hide very well in bedding and furniture and are hard to treat with over-the-counter products. Our certified technicians use highly effective treatments to kill bed bugs, the larvae, and the eggs, as well as provide tips on how to prevent another infestation.

Affordable Cape May Pest Control

Contact RID Pest Control in Cape May to get a free quote. Our pest control professionals will conduct extensive inspections, provide thorough reports, eliminate all infestations and create routine maintenance programs to help keep pests out of your home or business.