Cape May, NJ Pest Control

Cape May is a vacation spot for many people in New Jersey thanks to its plentiful beaches and beautiful weather. It also attracts various pests indoors and outdoors throughout the spring and the summer. In the winter, rodents escape from the frigid temperatures and invade homes and businesses. RID Pest Control has numerous services to help combat insects and rodents on your property all year long.

Residential Pest Control

Homes make great shelters for pests of all types, from bed bugs and roaches to fleas and mice. There’s plenty of food and water for the pests and abundant places in which to hide. When pests invade homes, they infest cabinets and other food areas, leaving behind feces and contaminated food.

Our certified pest control professionals know what signs to look for when inspecting for pests. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home and use the appropriate treatments to eliminate an infestation and to prevent another one in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses aren’t safe from pest infestations. Hotels are prime spots for bed bugs, and restaurants lure ants, roaches and other pests indoors all the time. The key is to stop an infestation before it happens. If pests invade your business, it could lead to profit losses and a bad reputation with customers.

Our trained exterminators understand the importance of keeping pests out of your business whether it’s an office or a factory. We’ll go through rigorous steps to locate the infestation, to eliminate it at the source and to prevent a recurrence throughout the year.

Ant Control

Ants aren’t biased insects; they’ll invade homes and businesses equally. These small but invasive pests go on the hunt for food and water every day and usually find it in kitchens and trash bins. Some ants stay outdoors and cause damage to the building’s exterior, such as carpenter ants. No matter the species, ants require immediate attention before the colony takes over the space.

Our experienced pest control specialists know how to identify ant species on your property. Once they’re identified, we’ll use the correct treatments for that particular species and eliminate the ants from the area while also using preventative techniques to stop another infestation.

Additional RID Pest Control Services

Professional Pest Control in Cape May

Contact RID Pest Control to receive your free quote and to talk with our certified technicians. A pest infestation is nothing to take lightly as it can spread and become an even bigger problem down the road. Let our experienced pest control professionals inspect your home or business and create a customized plan to eliminate the pests and to keep them out for good.

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