Carpet Beetle Treatment

What to Expect – Carpet Beetles

  1. Do not re-enter until treatment is dry. During your treatment, your technician treated all floor areas and under cushions of plush furniture. You should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry. On most days, two to four hours is enough time, but it can take longer during humid weather.
  2. Expect to see adult carpet beetles for up to one month. Carpet beetles have a “complete metamorphosis,” meaning the larva stage looks nothing like the adult. The adult carpet beetle takes up to a year to develop from an egg, depending on temperature and humidity. The adult carpet beetles you observe have recently emerged from a pupa stage (cocoon) and rarely survive a month. Our treatment will not penetrate that cocoon but helps stop the eggs they laid from developing and continuing the process.
  3. Vacuuming helps starve future larva. Carpet beetles can not eat synthetic carpet. Most larva feed on house dust that contains natural debris, cotton from clothing and bedding as well as other organic dust. Vacuuming at least once per month under cushions, bed frames, under beds, cracks in linen shelving, the edges of carpets and other “dust accumulating areas” will help, (especially if you usually use an upright vacuum that doesn’t clean edges well).
  4.  Don’t shampoo carpets for at least one month after treatment. Two months is better. This will remove our treatment.
  5. Beware of stored clothing or natural fibers. Bags or boxes of cotton or especially wool or silk can harbor all stages of carpet beetles and escape treatment. If you find small holes in such items, run the clothing through a hot dryer for 30 minutes and this should stop the process, then be sure to store in a different box or bag.

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