Cape May & Atlantic County Cockroach Treatment

What to Expect After Treatment

When our technician leaves:

  1. Avoid treated area for one hour. If when you re-enter the treated area you find any dust residue, wipe up with damp paper towel and discard.
  2. DO NOT SPRAY or FOG. Roaches may be more active after treatment, DO NOT SPRAY, your technician installed baits and household sprays will contaminate them. You can vacuum roaches up (the trip into the vacuum will eliminate them) or just use a tissue and flush them.
  3. Keep sink areas clean and as dry as possible. As roaches react to the treatment, they will need more water; if they can’t get it they will expire more quickly. Also, they will eat the baits more quickly if the area is clean of food debris, grease and trash.
  4. Expect to see more roaches for two weeks. As roaches are affected by the treatment they will come out in the daytime.
  5. After two weeks, keep careful track of where you see roaches for your follow-up services. This will help your technician find areas where roaches are still hiding.
  6. Keep your monthly appointments till you haven’t seen any roaches for 60 days. After that talk to your technician about switching to a preventative service.
  7. If you have ANY questions, please call us at the number above.

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