Cricket Treatment in Cape May, NJ

What to expect

There are two types of crickets that invade homes in South Jersey

Camelback, spider or cave crickets live in dark, damp places. They are light brown and have long legs. They do not chirp. We use a combination of baits and crawlspace treatments to eliminate these crickets. They are very common outdoors at night during summer months, but move in and live year round in crawlspaces, basements and garages. In finished basements, they often live in the space between the outside wall and inner wall. As the air dries out in the winter, they sometimes move up into living areas. The best ways to combat camelback crickets is to dry-out or dehumidify spaces where they live. If your crawlspace or basement is constantly damp or has numerous openings to the outside, you may need regular control for this pest.

Field Crickets are dark brown (almost black) and do chirp. They move into our homes in the late summer and early fall. One chirping male cricket can attract many more crickets. RID uses an exterior perimeter treatment to prevent them from coming into your home as part of our regular service. If they have already entered your home we will still treat the exterior, but we will add a bait treatment. The bait looks like sawdust, and the active ingredient is a low percentage of boric acid.

Both crickets are easier to control in mid-summer, rather than later in the season when they have moved in. After treatment, don’t vacuum up the sawdust-like bait. Leave sticky boards in place until your next service or until full. If something gets stuck in the glue, any vegetable oil will melt the glue. 

Cricket control can take a couple of weeks, because all crickets have to find the bait. New crickets that enter the structure will be eliminated, but it takes a couple of days, depending on how recent the treatment is.

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