Ocean County & Cape May County Pest Control Services

What to Expect After Treatment


RID's service technician provided a general pest control service to your home today. This is a preventative service to control many crawling insects and rodents. Your technician inspected your home during the service and will discuss or write down finding that will help you home remain pest free, please follow these instructions. Also, you technician used a combination of spray, bait and dust to control pest in and around your home based on the season and his inspection. He installed rodent bait in susceptible areas such as the garage and/or crawl space. He installed sticky monitors in some areas so RID can start to observe what Ocean County and Cape May county pests are interested in your home.

Is the treatment safe?

At RID, we always look for the least toxic solution. We use baits that stay put and have very lox toxicity ingredients. We will only spray outdoors, unless we find something indoors that needs to be addressed. Future services we will focus our efforts outdoors, preventing insects before they get in your home. We monitor, instead of treating indoors, using treatment indoors only when necessary.

Expect to see more spiders for a while

It will take about two weeks to affect insects in and around your home. Once the insects die, spiders, which are already in your home, will start looking for new hunting grounds. You will see more of them until they die or move on.

Follow instructions left by your RID technician

It's important that you read and follow your technician's instructions; examples are sealing openings, cutting back trees and bushes away from your home, cleaning gutters and other items that contribute to moisture problems or allowing your technician access to areas where pests maybe a problem. If you don't understand what he's asking for, please call our office.