How to Tell if You Have a Rodent Problem

October 1, 2018

RodentsAre rodents lurking in your home or business? Rodents can present a serious danger to both your property and the health of those who occupy it, so it is vital that any infestation is identified promptly and eliminated as quickly as possible. How can you tell if you have a rodent problem?

Animal Sightings

The most obvious indication of a rodent problem is an animal sighting. If you spot a mouse, rodent, shrew or other rodent scurrying past, you probably have a problem.


Droppings are usually the first sign people see. Rodents have fast metabolisms, so they produce a large amount of feces. This can provide ample evidence of their presence. While stumbling on rodent dropping is never pleasant, it can help identify the invader who is sneaking around your commercial or residential property. Rodents also urinate everywhere they go. If you want to play CSI, rodent urine fluoresces under a black light.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents have sharp incisors that never stop growing. To maintain their teeth, they chew on hard surfaces, and items like your baseboards, door frames, cabinet doors and furniture legs are ideal for their purposes. Mice leave small marks that resemble scratches. Rats and larger rodents tend to leave deeper, longer tooth marks behind.


Has a foul, musky odor been wrinkling your nose when you enter certain areas of your property? This disagreeable smell could be a sign of a rodent infestation. To make matters worse, rodents can reproduce rapidly, which is likely to cause the odor to intensify.


Mice, rats and other rodents often prefer to travel the same pathways, and they generally stick close to the baseboards and walls as they race along these runways. As a result, the oils in their fur can leave smears along these surfaces. If you suspect a location is serving as a runway, use a flashlight to examine it carefully. Alternately, sprinkle a thin layer of flour or baby powder and wait to see if tracks appear.


When constructing nests, rodents use shredded papers or fabrics or dried plant matter to make warm, hidden spaces more comfy. If you find an area with these materials, it’s a sign that rodents may have moved in, especially if the nest also offers evidence of recent rodent activity like fresh droppings or a pungent, musky odor.


When things are quiet in the evenings, are you hearing scurrying, scratching, gnawing or squeaking from inside the walls, floors, ceilings, crawl spaces or attics? Sounds like these from the hidden, infrequently traveled areas of your property often indicate the presence of rodents or other wildlife.

If you have noticed signs of a rodent infestation or indications of other pest activity, don’t wait. Contact RID Pest Control to learn more about our pest control services and request a free estimate today.

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