I Have Rats – Now What?

January 1, 2019

Rats can be terrifying pests to live with for homeowners, so much so, that it feels like there’s a tiger living with you. It is important to deal with a rat as soon as possible, as rats can make your home filthier, in addition to bringing in diseases and bad odors. Here are all the things that you can do to take care of any and all of your rat problems.

Rat Traps

Rat traps are the oversized versions of mouse traps. While a mouse trap is not capable of subduing a rat, these are more lethal traps that can sever your own appendages, if you aren’t careful. They don’t dismember the rat like a guillotine, but they use enough force to kill them quickly.

CO2 Traps

CO2 traps are a more humane way of killing a rat, as they often don’t even know what hits them. These traps use a pressurized piston to deliver a lethal blow to the rat’s head once it peeks inside of it. A piece of food or cheese is also to be placed in this device to lure the rat.

Electric Traps

Electric traps are made to shock the rat to death. These are walk-in traps that are meant to lure the mouse inside. When it presses a button or removes the food, however, the door shuts, and the mouse is electrocuted. Some are one-time uses, and some have cartridges that you can buy for more than one use. These are expensive traps, but you can throw them or their cartridges out after the rat has been terminated so that you won’t have to pick up or look at a dead corpse.

Walk-In Traps

If you don’t want to kill the rat, there are walk-in traps that are designed to just catch the rat without taking its life. It can starve to death if trapped inside for too long, but you can alternatively just take the trap to the woods and release the rat there if you so choose. If you don’t want to deal with dead rats, let alone live ones, this is a decent trap to purchase.

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