Margate City, NJ Pest Control

Margate City, New Jersey – a satisfying place in which to live and work. Life on the Jersey Shore is a pleasant experience for everyone in the area thanks to abundant sunshine, beaches and entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime spot for pest insects and rodents, which often find their way into homes and businesses. RID Pest Control specializes in pest elimination services and wants to keep stubborn insects, mice and other pests off your property.

Residential Pest Control

Your home is your sanctuary, not a haven for pests. However, Margate City’s humid summers and frigid winters force many different bugs and rodents inside your home. Once the pests invade your living space, they hide in cracks and crevices and begin to breed, creating an infestation in just a few months.

We take an integrated pest management approach to pest control, using the least toxic methods to eliminate an infestation. Our technicians will inspect your home for invasive pests and treat the problem without negatively affecting the health of your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Different pests cause different problems for businesses in our area. Some pests cause physical damage to the structure, such as termites. Others spread diseases, such as roaches and mice, and contaminate food and surfaces. No matter the pests, it’s best to take quick action to prevent a massive infestation before it causes worse problems down the road.

We understand how important it is to keep pests out of your business. Our trained specialists will inspect your property for pests and eliminate the infestation. We’ll also create a routine program to help keep the pests out of your business for good.

Ant Control

New Jersey is home to several ant species, many of which invade homes in search of food, water and shelter. Some species stay outdoors but cause damage to decks, siding and wooden furniture, such as the carpenter ant. Other ants come indoors to snack on food left on the counter, such as odorous house ants. More ants will show up over time if you don’t take immediate action to eliminate the colony.

Our NJDEP-certified technicians have the knowledge to identify the ant species and to treat the ants with the correct methods. We’ll knock out the current infestation and work to prevent another one from happening.

Additional RID Pest Control Services:

Professional Pest Control in Margate City

Contact RID Pest Control to receive a free quote and to speak with a certified technician. We’re a family-owned business and have served Margate City and the surrounding areas since 1979. We’ll eliminate the infestation in your home or business and keep them from returning and causing more problems in the future.

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