Marmora Pest Control

Rodent & Cockroach Control

Rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs never respect established house rules. These party crashers invade your home, contaminate food, spread disease and damage property. Rodents chew through wood and electrical wiring. Cockroaches, mice and rats taint food with their waste and increase the risk for diseases like asthma and salmonella, which causes food poisoning. Rodents also transmit Hantavirus and other life-threatening disease.

Bed Bug Control

Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs have staged a dramatic resurgence in recent years. Transported in luggage, the folds of clothing and other fabric, these nocturnal feeders cause welts and an itchy rash. If left unchecked, these elusive pests multiply rapidly.

Effective pest control requires a comprehensive approach. Typical over-the-counter commercial products are generally ineffective because of the extent of the infestation. These consumer products target the pests that you can see rather than the colony or nest, which are generally hidden in an inaccessible location. People often use the wrong type of traps or bait when trying to eliminate a pest infestation. These toxic chemicals must also be stored in the home out of the reach of young children and pets. It is essential to take adequate precautions when handling and disposing of possibly infected animals.

Pest Control Services from RID

Hiring a professional pest control exterminator can save you time and money while ridding your home of these unwanted interlopers. A professional extermination technician has the knowledge and products to identify and eradicate each type of infestation as well as the expertise to find out exactly where the nest or colony is located. A pest control plan provides year-round protection while eliminating the need to store poisonous materials. For more information, contact our office for a free quote.

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