Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are often considered one of the deadliest pests in the world. Their bites might be small, but they can transmit deadly diseases ranging from malaria to dengue fever and West Nile virus. These bothersome pets can be found anywhere in the U.S., and while some types feed only in the morning and evening, others can bite at any time of the day. If you’ve got a mosquito problem, RID Pest Control can help.

Professional Mosquito Inspections

Addressing mosquito infestations requires a multi-pronged approach that begins with a comprehensive professional inspection to identify the kind of mosquito you’re dealing with and where the problem is focused. Our RID technicians offer both residential and commercial inspections to manage mosquito infestations and all other types of pest problems to preserve the health and well-being of your family, guests and property.

Customized Treatment Solutions

Once our RID technicians have identified the source and extent of your mosquito problem, we’ll develop a treatment plan with personalized recommendations, source reductions and appropriate product use for you, which can include:

  • Identifying current or potential mosquito breeding sites
  • Identifying the ways mosquitoes are accessing the home or building and excluding them
  • Eliminating hiding spots and breeding spots
  • Applying insecticides to treat for adult mosquitoes
  • Preventing the development of eggs and larvae in breeding site

No two mosquito infestations are alike, which means that no two treatment plans will be alike. We’ll offer treatment plans and solutions designed to address your specific needs and provide you with personalized tips and instructions. We may use a combination of sprays, baits and dusts to control the mosquitoes based on patterns that we observed. Our service technicians may also recommend ongoing actions or treatments to reduce the risk of recurring infestations or breeding.

Healthy Solutions

RID uses baits and sprays, prioritizing outdoor treatments whenever possible. Part of addressing mosquito problems is eliminating their breeding habitats, which can mean extensive clean-up efforts in some cases. That can include cleaning gutters, removing standing water, trimming bushes and trees, sealing openings and getting rid of any items that can collect water or debris.

RID Pest Control

We’re a locally owned, family operated pest control company. We’re proud to serve the Atlantic, Southern Ocean and Cape May areas, and our knowledgeable technicians are all NJDEP certified and extensively trained. We offer fast, friendly service and free termite inspections. We can even provide most quotes right over the phone. We offer Integrated Pest Management services as well as pest-specific services using the least toxic treatments available to control your pet problems. Contact our offices today to learn more or to get your free quote.

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