Mosquito Treatment

What to Expect – Mosquitoes

Thank you for choosing RID Pest Control to reduce the mosquito population in your yard. Whether you hired us for the season or a special event, there are things you can do to help the process. It’s important to remember that although we have inspected and treated your yard to reduce the mosquito population, mosquitoes can still enter the yard and bite you or your family/guests. Keep in mind to protect yourself and family from mosquitoes by wearing long-sleeves and/or using mosquito repellent, especially at sunset. DO NOT depend on ultraviolet “bug-zappers” as this will attract insects and kill beneficial insects.

Let the treatment dry: Especially during humid days, don’t interact with the treatment or do any watering until the treatment is completely dry. Don’t let children or pets touch the treated areas until fully dry.

Look out for any source of standing water: If RID treated any standing water in your yard, it can act as a trap for adult mosquitoes. Survey your yard and neighborhood for other sources of standing water. Remove water from flower pots, trash cans, buckets, or any source of stagnant water. Make sure gutters are functioning properly and not holding water. If a neighbor has an unused pool or a pool cover with standing water, this can be a tremendous source of biting mosquitoes. Suggest that the neighbor buy mosquito “dunks” and treat the water on a monthly basis or recommend RID, and we will treat the yard and standing water.

Rinse children’s playthings exposed during treatment: It is best to remove all playthings prior to treatment and we will avoid treating playthings directly, but always be cautious. Also, remove pet food & watering bowls.

Close all windows prior to treatment: Make sure all windows and exterior doors are closed during treatment. Keep children & pets inside.

Reduce mosquito hiding areas: We treat mosquito hiding areas, which are dark, moist areas, such as under decks and sheds. Keeping leaves and other vegetation from under decks will improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

Encourage neighbors to get treatment: The most effective mosquito control includes surrounding properties.

Enjoy your yard, this treatment will last 4 weeks under most circumstances. If you are on a regular program, we will be back to re-treat to continue your protection.

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