Odorous House Ants Love the Jersey Shore

To have no bugs, you have to know bugs. Ants are one of nature’s wonders with group “intelligence” and a complex social structure. Just as humans are the most evolved vertebrate, ants are among the most evolved insects and inhabit more places than any other animal except humans.

Odorous House ants are found throughout Atlantic & Cape May County

A small, sweet-loving ant called odorous house ants often invades Jersey Shore towns, from Brigantine to Cape May. These ants often have very large mega-colonies and can literally move into your house overnight. Spraying them with smelly, toxic over-the-counter sprays can often spread them deeper into your home. This ultimately makes getting rid of Cape May County and Atlantic County ants a lot more difficult.

RID Pest Control has odorous house ants figured out. Using a technique that focuses on the exterior of your home we use the ants behavior to hasten their demise. RID includes a bait on the inside that has no odor and is virtually non-toxic. This treatment is odorless both inside and out, an important feature when dealing with odorous house ants, which will avoid odorous treatments.

RID is your odorous house ant exterminating professional

All our professional technicians are well versed in controlling this common household pest. Whether you live in Ocean City, Avalon, Sea Isle City, Margate or any shore town, this is your ant and we have your perfect treatment, guaranteed!

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