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Do you have unwanted companions in your home? Have you seen roaches or bedbugs inside your house? Do you suspect that termites are slowly chewing their way through your home? These disgusting pests could impact your health and cause considerable damage to your house or business. If your home is under attack, Rid Pest Control is standing by to purge your home of unwanted guests.


American Roach - 4

Roaches are shy. They prefer to live behind walls where they can breed and establish a colony. If you’ve noticed a few roaches in your cupboards, on your counters or on the floor, there are probably hundreds of them in hiding. Roaches walk through all types of germs and bacteria during the course of a day. Then, if they walk on your counters or across your dishes, they spread those contaminants where you’re likely to encounter them.


Termites don’t wait for you to carry them across your threshold. They drill right into the wooden parts of your home. Their silent assault on your main beams and rafters will eventually cause serious damage to your home that could cost quite a bit to repair.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs exploit any opportunity to enter your house. Then, they breed aggressively. While you and your family are sleeping at night, they creep out of the woodwork and furniture to enjoy a bloody meal. Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate. It takes a professional company like Rid Pest Control to completely exterminate the colony.

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