Residential Pest Control in Cape May & Atlantic Counties

If you are currently dealing with loathsome insect pests in your home or apartment, you will need help from an exterminator who is skilled with residential pest control. At Rid Pest Control, we are dedicated to eliminating pest species wherever they may be found. Our technicians are kept abreast of the latest techniques through continuing education courses. Armed with the proper knowledge, we can quickly return your home to the way it was before the infestation began.

Our professionals service Absecon, Atlantic City, Brigantine, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway, and the surrounding areas

Rest well knowing that we are taking care of your home.

Chemical and Non-Chemical Techniques

We are dedicated to using both chemical and non-chemical techniques. This will, however, greatly depend on the severity of the infestation. If you are currently dealing with roaches, termites or ants in large numbers, we may use chemical sprays. For less severe infestations, other methods may be utilized instead. If the insects have built a colony in a specific area of your home, we will concentrate our efforts in that particular location. The goal is to eliminate the pests before they can spread to other rooms and do more damage. In larger houses, this is crucial to the success of the enterprise.

Identifying Pests

All of our technicians are eminently knowledgeable and should be capable of identifying the pest species right away. Various species of ants and roaches, for example, can behave quite differently. Once we’ve examined the property in detail, we can develop an action plan that will allow the extermination process to begin. Our residential pest control techniques are effective against mosquitoes, bees, wasps, roaches, ants, pill bugs and dozens of other critters.

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We are dedicated to acting quickly and efficiently. After the initial consultation, we’ll develop a custom treatment plan right away. As an Atlantic City homeowner, you’ll be quite pleased with the results. You can call us for a free quote and further assistance.

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