Atlantic & Cape May County Rodent Elimination

What to Expect After Treatment

The technician has performed an extensive inspection for possible rodent entry points. It’s important that after five to seven days you seal these openings to prevent rodents from entering your structure. This will give time for rodents in your home to exit, though it is possible for a rodent to expire in your home.

Your technician may have used glue boards (sticky traps) to catch mice quickly and trap any ticks or fleas on their body. He will tell you where he placed these; check them every day for two weeks. After two weeks if the mice are gone you may discard them, if you find they have caught a mouse, fold the board in half and discard in a plastic bag in your outside trash. If you are uncomfortable removing the glue board this service can be provided by RID for a fee. Vegetable oil melts the glue if something other than a mouse or insect gets stuck in the glue.

Your technician may place bait inside your home to help eliminate rodents. This bait will be in a tamper resistant, labeled black bait box, or placed in an area where children and pets cannot access the bait. The type of bait used is listed on your service slip and on the bait box. If a pet accesses the bait, a phone number for Animal Poison Control (877-854-2494) is listed on the front, have the service slip handy when you call. An animal would have to eat a lot of bait to make it sick and we take every precaution, but just in case. It takes five days for the bait to take effect. The color of the mouse droppings (feces) will have a greenish or reddish tint after the rodent eats the bait, this shows its working!

Clean up any rodent dropping you see during the 14 days following, this way you will know if mice are still active. Activity could continue for up to 14 days, if you find fresh dropping after 14 days, please give us a call as you may need additional service to ensure your rodent issue is fully dissolved.

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