Cape May & Atlantic County Silverfish

What to Expect After Treatment

Silverfish are a primitive insect that thrive in moist environments such as damp crawlspaces, around central air conditioning duct work or sweating pipes. They occur naturally outdoors and are most commonly sighted when the seasons change. Your silverfish treatment may include baits, dusts and sprays, each effecting silverfish differently. Because silverfish can survive many generations in a very small space, it may take additional treatments to eliminate your problem.

To Help Eliminate Them

  • Fix any leaks, whether water is coming in from the outside, plumbing, cracks in tile work or air conditioner problems, silverfish need moisture to survive.
  • Use dehumidifiers in basements or even sealed crawlspaces to reduce moisture.
  • Trim bushes, trees and other vegetation so that it is at least 6 inches from the house. Never allow mulch to reach the level of your siding. Keep stored items away from your foundation.
  • Keep cardboard, paper, and any other material that can get moldy up off concrete basement and garage floors; preferably away from walls.
  • As much as possible seal around any pipe and vent penetrations, both inside and outside your home.
  • Consider replacing carpeting that has been wet, and may have gotten moldy.

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