Silverfish in Ocean & Cape May Counties

Silverfish throughout New Jersey are flat, grey/silver, scaly, insects that appear carrot shaped when viewed from above. An adult silverfish is about ½ inch long and can move very fast. They are often found around moisture, sometimes getting stranded in a bathtub or sink. Some modern homes are so well insulated that when humid exterior air meets the cool air in a crawlspace, wall void, or air conditioning ductwork that mold grows. This is especially common with shore homes. This mold often supports large numbers of silverfish. Older homes are also susceptible to silverfish that can eat almost anything to survive.

RID Pest Control exterminates Silverfish

Silverfish with a nearby food supply of mold, paper, cardboard, or any source of carbohydrate may move very little from their food source. For this reason, silverfish may take more than one treatment depending on their food source.   Also, as attics are very hot in the summer and crawlspace/basement cool, silverfish tend to migrate from the attic to the crawl in spring and the reverse in the fall, so you may see more during these seasons.

Know when to contact a professional

RID Pest Control uses an integrated approach to control silverfish, and it may vary depending on why our technician thinks they are thriving in your home. A good inspection is key. We use mostly boric acid based products, dust and baits to control silverfish, as always seeking the least toxic way to control your pests and protect your family.

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