Stinging Insect Control

When the weather begins to warm up, stinging insects come out in full force. Their reemergence is a sign that the spring season is officially here. Aside from their ability to cause pain, stinging insects may trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals. Property damage is yet another big concern. Here are some of the most common stinging insects found in the area.

Yellow Jackets

Known for their black and yellow coloring, yellow jackets are arguably the most aggressive members of the wasp family. While yellow jackets often build their massive nests under the ground, they will take refuge in attics as well. Not only do yellow jackets feed on various insects, but they also love sweet substances. They are often found swarming around garbage cans during the summer. Because of their aggressiveness and ability to sting their victims multiple times, yellow jackets certainly pose a danger to your family. The best approach is to allow a professional exterminator to handle yellow jackets on your property.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps remain a problem for local homeowners. A paper wasp’s slender body and brown stripes give it a distinctive appearance. From porches to electrical boxes, paper wasps will hang nests in a wide variety of different places. Never attempt to remove an active wasp nest during the daytime. When approached, paper wasps may become especially hostile. They will fiercely defend their territory. Everyone in your family is at risk of being attacked.

Carpenter Bees

Although carpenter bees may look similar to bumblebees, a shiny abdomen sets them apart. Adults typically grow to about an inch long. In contrast to other stinging insects, carpenter bees are solitary. It is not uncommon to see them flying from one flowering plant to the next. While carpenter bees are not very dangerous, they have the ability to cause serious structural damage to your home. These wood-destroying bees love to tunnel into decks, porches, and even roofs. Over time, you will start to notice several small holes on the exterior of your home.

Sweat Bees

A metallic green body makes the sweat bee easily to recognize. Although sweat bees are tiny insects, they can be a major annoyance to homeowners. To no surprise, these bees are attracted by droplets of sweat. This is bad news for the families who love being outdoors. Sweat bees will quickly strike when threatened. Because sweat bees typically nest in the ground, they are a significant threat to children at play.


Many people consider hornets to be the most vicious stinging insects in the area. Covered in orange stripes, hornets can often be found hiding in hollow trees and old storage buildings. When hornets become enraged, they will violently attack. Multiple hornet stings will require immediate medical attention.

If stinging insects become a problem for your New Jersey home or business, be sure to contact RID Pest Control. Our professional technicians are trained to handle a wide-ranging number of pests.

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