Termite Control in South Jersey

What to Expect After Treatment

Thank you for choosing RID Pest Control to protect your home from termites. Our certified technician has completed termite treatment to eliminate termites and protect your property. This material eliminates termite slowly, so you could still see activity up to two months after treatment. Additionally, the winged version of a termite, called termite swarmers or reproductives may still emerge months after your treatment. This doesn’t mean that our South Jersey termite control treatment isn’t working, but we want to be notified if you see swarmers and please keep at least one for us to identify as they resemble ants.

Other things to consider

If we drilled any concrete during your treatment, you can sweep, but do not wash the concrete until the plugs have dried. Please follow any instructions your technician left for you such as cleaning out gutters, repairing any leaks or removing scrap wood from the crawlspace. Fix any damage noted in your inspection and realize that sometimes hidden damage exists.

Keep your treatment records together with your household papers, you will need them when you sell your home. RID does keep a copy for many years. If you disrupt the soil against your foundation by building an addition or digging soil against your house that is more than 6 inches please call us as this may disrupt your treatment barrier.

Thank you for your business, please call if you have any questions or any other pest problems.

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