Tick Treatment

What to Expect

RID Pest Control can help you reduce the number of ticks around your yard, but we cannot eliminate them. We have applied granular insecticide around the edge of your property, where ticks change from one stage to the next, and are therefore most vulnerable. To protect yourself and family it is important that you take the following precautions:

  • Purchase Repel® or some other tick repellant that contains Permethrin. This spray is to treat your clothes, NOT your skin. Treat a set of clothes (apply it outdoors) you use to garden or play outside, including shoes and socks, when you are NOT wearing them. Let the spray dry and it will last on the clothes for several washings.
  • If you have deer regularly visit your property, you are in a high tick zone. You may want to use the same spray above to treat some cotton balls, place the cotton balls in a piece of PVC pipe or some other water resistant container that mice, chipmunks and other small mammals can access. They will take these treated cotton balls back to their nest, helping to kill the early-stage ticks that carry disease.
  • After working or playing in the yard, everyone needs to check for ticks. To spread disease, ticks must attach for 12 hours, so it’s important to remove them before then. Pay special attention to arm pits, crotch, behind ears, or where clothes are tight; around belts & socks. That smallest “larval” stage tick is often confused with chiggers and are very small; this stage has not picked up disease, but the next relatively small stage can.
  • Keep grass mowed in the play area, keep kids and pets as much as possible out of the “edge” area, where leaves accumulate and tall weeds and shrubs exist. This is where ticks live. But remember, any wild animal can introduce ticks onto your lawn, so inspection is still necessary.
  • Ticks are most active in May and June, so these are important months to treat the edge or ticks with a granular insecticide. September is another month for effective treatment.
  • Treat all pets with a veterinary-recommended product for ticks and fleas.

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