Upper Township, NJ Pest Control

You can clean your home and keep it as spotless as possible, but it still won’t keep outdoor pests from venturing inside. Invasive pests, such as rodents, roaches and ants, seek shelter indoors away from their harsh outdoor environment. They enjoy warm surroundings with plenty of food and water, which makes your home the ideal spot for these pests to call it their own.

Unwelcome Pests in Upper Township

Rodent Control

Rodents do more than scratch behind your walls and scurry across the floor at night; they also spread diseases to unsuspecting humans. Rodent-borne diseases, such as hantavirus and typhus, cause serious symptoms in people and can even lead to death if they are left untreated. When a rodent isn’t infecting people, it is breeding behind the walls, seeking food at night and chewing through boxes in the pantry. It often takes professional pest control to eradicate a rodent infestation.

Cockroach Control

Some people keep roaches as pets, but they’re not the typical roaches that frighten easily when the lights come on. German cockroaches, those small, brown pests that congregate around sinks and bathtubs, take up residence in the walls and breed by the thousands. Roaches seek moist environments with plenty of water, and they’re hard to get rid of with do-it-yourself methods once they infest a home.

Ant Control

Ants mostly stay outside where they belong, but once in a while, a line of carpenter ants makes its way into your home in search of leftover morsels on the floor and sticky spots on the counter. You might see a single ant at first, but it will signal to its colony if it finds what it’s looking for. Even if you have a clean kitchen, it won’t stop ants from venturing indoors to see if they can find a bite to eat.

Professional Pest Control from RID

When rodents, roaches and ants interrupt your happy home, contact RID Pest Control. We offer free quotes on all extermination services and have a professional team that’s ready to tackle any pest infestation. From ants in the kitchen to roaches in the bathroom, let us eradicate your pest problem for good.

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