What Attracts Ants to a Home?

June 4, 2018

Odorous House AntIf you want to keep ants out of your home and away from your food, understanding what attracts them is an important part of the process that you can’t afford to overlook. Not knowing about the things for which ants look when they target a home will make it a little harder for you to address the problem. Since avoiding ants is a lot easier than getting rid of them, take some time to discover what interests them if you want peace of mind. Obviously minimizing ants access to spilled food and drink will help but it’s important to remember though, ants will invade even the cleanest house.


Some ants farm aphids the way we farm cattle obtaining a sweet liquid from the aphids called honeydew. Since aphids are plant feeders, certain plants such as roses and other flowers attract aphids. Where there are aphids you’ll find ants. It’s important to make sure all you landscape plants don’t touch your home. This will not only attract ants close to your home but act as a bridge over any treatment to get into your home.


Mulch is a wonderful way to control weeds and reduce the amount of water your landscaping needs, but it also attracts termites, ants and other insects. It is very important the mulch is NEVER up to the lowest level of your siding. This allows insects, such as ants and termites to sneak up-under your siding and into your home unseen. Insects need a moist environment, so this is very attractive place for ants to live. The fungus that grow in mulch also can encourage ants and other insects. Don’t pile mulch too high and let it dry out between watering.


Caulk is one of the easiest and most effective way to keep insects out of your home. Make sure the pipe penetrations, such as gas lines, air conditioning lines and hose bibbs are properly sealed. Also check around windows, doors and lights to make sure ants don’t have an easy way into your home.

RID Pest Control

The steps you take can work wonders to prevent an ant infestation, but you won’t be able to match the results of a trained expert. The staff at RID Pest Control won’t waste any time when you enlist their help with your ant issue, and they will do what it takes to meet your needs. The ants that have entered your home and caused issues won’t stand a chance when we are on the job. If you want to turn your ant infestation into a thing of the past, you can pick up the phone and contact RID Pest Control, and we are ready to serve you.

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