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14 Bed BugsWildwood, New Jersey, is located in Cape May County. Wildwood is well known as a summer resort destination and at times can have a population of up to 250,000 during the summer months. Wildwood is known for its beaches, historic motels, hotels, waterparks and amusement parks throughout. As Wildwood receives more and more visitors each summer, the threat of bed bug infestations is on the rise.

Know when to contact a professional exterminator

With the increased travel and the large amount of hotels and motels throughout Wildwood, means that a bed bug infestation can spread extremely fast. Managers of these motels and hotels cannot afford to have a Wildwood bed bug infestation run rampant throughout their properties. When faced with a bed bug infestation, the best method is to call a professional. Do not waste time with a Do It Yourself method, as these simply do not work. These methods may mask the problem temporarily, but they will not solve the root cause of the problem.

RID Pest Control is your Wildwood bed bug expert

RID Pest Control has been offering Wildwood pest control services since 1979. Our professional exterminators are experts in exterminating bed bugs in Wildwood from motels and hotels, as well as homes and businesses. Our professional also specialize in termite, ant, rodent, and general pest control services. With each professional exterminator having over 10 years of experience and being NJDEP certified, you can rest assured that RID Pest Control will take care of your pest problems. Contact us today!

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